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What makes Top Clean a great place to work?

I’ve worked at Top Clean JSC almost since its inception

Our company’s success is primarily built on human connections and attention to every member of our team. Most of the administrative staff have remained unchanged since the company’s establishment.

Listening attentively is part of our daily practice. We try to provide flexible job offers as much as possible, and are always looking for ways to motivate our employees. We pay special attention to building a pleasant and safe working environment, and finding innovative work equipment as well as safer cleaning products. Our strong team is eager to share their experience and know-how. Come join us!

- Elena Mačionienė, Top Clean CEO


  • Housekeepers and janitors

    If you are hard-working and conscientious, are able to work full-time or want to earn a little extra on the side, we invite you to apply to join our company’s team of housekeepers and janitors. We welcome applications from older people and students alike. Training is provided to those lacking experience; we also provide workwear and all the necessary equipment. If you decide you’d like to clean more sites and earn more, we will cover your public transport ticket or fuel expenses. In return for a good performance, you’ll receive bonuses. We provide all forms of social insurance and will always pay your wages on time.

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  • Mobile team staff

    We clean all kinds of premises, and are responsible for maintaining clean and tidy facilities at different sites on a daily basis. We invite you to join our mobile team staff. Those lacking experience are provided with training and all the necessary equipment. You will be performing a wide variety of special tasks such as cleaning windows, facades and glass partitions, washing carpets and furniture, etc. We provide training (including for working at height), flexible schedules, a company car and bonuses for a good performance. A driving licence would be an advantage, but there are certainly options to join our team without one.

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  • Join our team

    If you are interested in working at a sustainable company to attain your professional and personal goals, are looking for a dynamic and creative role and are a responsible, conscientious and hard-working individual, we encourage you to join a company that values high standards in relation to cleanliness and order. Send your CV to: or and we will decide together what position is right for you. What we can guarantee right now is stable pay and additional bonuses based on your performance.

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