Option for environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Our company offers its customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products for use in their premises; these products are bio-degradable and are made from renewable natural resources. Our customers can choose from dishwashing soaps, glass cleaners, products for sanitary facilities, odourless washing detergents and water-based air fresheners supplied by various manufacturers. These Green Products are designed for people who want to protect their own health and the natural environment around them from the harmful effects of aggressive household chemicals. Environmentally-friendly cleaning products contain plant-based active substances derived from grains, rapeseed, coconut and beetroot, organic acids and only natural fragrances made from mint, citrus fruit and chamomile essential oils. Such fragrances not only have a pleasant and refreshing aroma, but also do not cause any respiratory allergies or skin reactions. The components of the environmentally-friendly, organic products break down into non-toxic substances, which makes these products completely safe for human health and the environment. As a rule, Green Products do not contain petroleum products with increased toxicity, allergens, synthetic fragrances, additives and dyes. Such cleaners are multifunctional, as well as capable of fully removing dirt from any surfaces, which then become sparkling clean and give off a fresh scent. Irresponsible and reckless human activities can pollute the environment, while environmentally-friendly cleaners, thanks to their lack of chemically aggressive components, can be safely flushed into sewage systems.

We would like to draw your attention to another advantage of such products: they are often delivered in a highly-concentrated form and can be diluted with plain clean water. This means that choosing such products saves both time and money. We are always willing to advise our customers on ways to save, and we highly recommend trying the products of KIEHL, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cleaning and care products (bearing the Eco and Nordic Eko labels) for professional use. These are products of an exceptionally high quality that are also inexpensive and environmentally-friendly. All the products are certified and meet the strictest quality requirements, EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:2004. We offer cleaning products for floors (tiles, PVC, laminate, parquet, wooden, stone mass, textile), sanitary rooms, glass, plastic and laminated surfaces and kitchens, including products for dishwashers. These products do not contain chlorine or phosphorus compounds; they are concentrated, as is required by the Eko label; their components decompose easily in aerobic and anaerobic conditions; the amount of volatile organic compounds in the product does not exceed 10%; and nitrites and polycyclic musk compounds are not used for creating the aroma. Cleaners bearing the Nordic Eko label are made without fragrances and dyes, while retaining all other characteristics of this product group.

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