Certification procedures ensure high-quality cleaning

Our certified services will bring additional benefits to our customers, while allowing them to pick a clearly-defined cleaning plan. We will now have three service packages to choose from: Economic, Standard and Premium. They give us an even clearer idea of our customers’ needs, and our customers have an opportunity to select their desired service level. We believe that these different packages will help us arrive at en even more precise definition of cleanliness. To consolidate the procedure, the Top Clean UAB team has been joined by the INSTA800 certified service quality inspector Andrius Dobiliauskas, who has many years of experience working abroad.

About INSTA800

The INSTA 800 cleaning quality assessment certificate provides a cleaning quality measurement and quality control system. In this assessment system, two main principles are described for the cleaning quality assessment; namely, a visual inspection and an inspection using measuring instruments (only performed in special cases). An essential requirement of this model is that the measurement of the cleaning quality must be carried out immediately after the cleaning task has been completed (with the exception of perimeter maintenance tasks).

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