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Disinfection services

We have all the necessary protective equipment, licences and personnel to perform disinfection procedures.

Our disinfection specialists will carry out the procedure using a portable cold fogging machine and ANTISEPT-S, a fast-acting disinfectant, which is 99.99% effective against all known bacteria and viruses, and is especially safe to humans and the disinfected environment. This active chlorine-based disinfectant is used in rooms, corridors, work areas and halls, as well as on furniture, equipment, etc., to form a disinfectant mist. It is suitable for all surfaces and normal work can be resumed in as little as 1 minute after the disinfection procedure, due to the safety of its active substances. Microorganisms do not develop a resistance to this type of disinfection.

Another method of disinfection is creating a fog disinfection system. It will effectively disinfect various kinds of facilities and surfaces, killing COVID-19 and other viruses. There’s no need to cover electronic equipment, documents or plants, or to wipe surfaces after the procedure. The procedure itself is very fast. The fog dissipates 90 minutes after the procedure (leaving a pleasant odour) and normal work can then be resumed; it is also possible to speed up this process, by opening windows to air out the room.

The fog system generated by DEZIFOG is completely safe to humans and causes no health risks for those entering a fog-filled room for a brief period of time, provided that the system is used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The fog it generates is certified by an authorised international certification body and is safe to humans and animals. It has also been demonstrated that this fog leaves no residue on surfaces. You can use your conference hall, rooms and equipment as soon as 1 minute after the procedure.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has completely changed the way we all view personal and environmental hygiene, as well as the rules of communication. It is now evident that we will continue fighting this and other viruses, even after the end of the pandemic. Therefore, all of us will have to pay closer attention to maintaining excellent hygiene, taking all necessary safety measures to ensuring a healthy environment. We are here to help you make sure that your employees can return to clean and safe office spaces. We recommend performing a preventive disinfection procedure as often as possible. We always strive for the best possible results. We disinfect offices, stores, shopping centres, stairways and private households, among other spaces.

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With the continued spread of the virus, we recommend cleaning your premises as often as possible. If your premises have not been cleaned for an extended period of time, we recommend starting with a general cleanup, to be followed by a disinfection. Let’s protect one another

Frequently asked questions

  • Disinfection services - what is the price?

    Disinfection costs start at EUR 0.7 per sq.m

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  • How long does it take to disinfect the premises?

    Topclean's indoor disinfection services are very prompt. You will be able to use the premises after 90 minutes.

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