What is special about nano-products

We would like to tell you about the cleaning products created using nanotechnology (the term “nanos” means “dwarf” in Greek). This technology is said to be borrowed from nature, or the so-called lotus effect (which refers to organisms with self-cleaning properties). Scientists working in the field of nanotechnology came up with the idea of trying to create an artificial coating, with a structure analogous to lotus leaves. For this purpose, they used nanoparticles that were spread on the surface. The binding agent of this nano-coating is water or alcohol, which evaporates after the surface is treated. The nanoparticles form a protective layer on the surface, and same time maintain the product’s air permeability. It therefore protects the surface against water and dirt.
Surfaces coated with nanoparticles are resistant to fatty substances, water and acids. They are much easier to clean, because they basically clean themselves after contact with water. The invisible and environmentally-friendly coating keeps surfaces intact for a longer time, as well as protecting them against UV rays and increasing their resistance to mould and bacteria. Nano-products have a wide scope of applications, including wood, stone, concrete, textiles, leather, metal, roofing, car care, varnished surfaces, glass and mirrors, and more. Contact us
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